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tumblr ON 30 June, 2011 AT Thursday, June 30, 2011
Okay, actually tk de pape yg nk dipostkan, tapi hari ni rase mcm terlebih happy pulak *byk lah kau Haha. Memandangkn sarah happy semcm hari ni, sarah nk post sesuatu. Bnde ni pun sarah amik kat tumblr. Sarah nk wish awal-awal kat Leeteuk untuk birthday dia 1 July ni iaitu esok. Mmg sarah dh ingat lame birthday dia. Haha. Okay, let's get started *tk yah nk lagu boyfriend sgt lah kan Okay, jom teruskan.

Happy Birthday Leeteuk, 1 July :) Saengil Chukka Hamnida :D


the best leader~
the leader of 15 young men, the leader of the group that reigns internationally, the leader of the group which made us a total kpop fangirl
thank you for your hard work PARK JUNGSU! Thank you for everything, thank you for all the happiness~ you truly are an angel, our angel :) We don’t know how to pay you back, your kindness is priceless :)) All we know is that we love you :) We ELFs wish you a happy birthday! 

God Bless and have an AWESOME one!!!

this man is such an inspiration.
*sorry kalau pening tgk gamba ni. credit to tumblr.

Lame tk tgk taemin, ceh mcmlah pernah jumpe.