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Taeminnie :) ON 18 July, 2011 AT Monday, July 18, 2011
Chukka Hae Taemin oppah. oppa. Haha. Semalam dah cakap pnjng lebar, hari ni nk ckp lagi? Haha. Biase lah, sarah syg sangat kat dia. *jap, nk ckp english. You know what? He is the one who stole my heart for the first time. Before i love anyone, he is the one that i really really love. I mean, after my God, omma, appa, my siblings that I hate love. Okay? Arasso? Hehe :) Oh, you know what? *tk habishabis ayat same  Tadi kat skolah, sarah happy sangat sbb ye lah, kan hari jadi Taemin, tak kan sarah nk sedih, so sarah happy. And then, my lovely best friend bought for me chicken rice. Uwahh, thanks Nani. And actually, 16 July is my mom birthday, we can't celebrate my mom birthday that day because my mom had to go for outstation. So, we celebrate omma birthday yesterday. We bought some cakes and KFC. It's mean, we are celebrating Taemin's birthday too! Haha :) That's why i'm so happy yesterday until now. Hehe :) *wey, ayat sarah tk berterabur ke? And now, i want to say something to Taemin again.

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Taemin: Everyone~! Thanks for the b’day greeting~ It’s been 1 year since last b’day party I enjoyed with you guys, time flies. Please keep supporting us

Taemin, Taemin, Taemin. You know how much i love you? Haha. Ofcourse you know don't know right? It's okay. I'm not your unnie or noona so that you have don't have to know how much i love you. Haha :) Oh ya, i almost forgot. *okay, ckp melayu pulak Kawan sarah, nununu nurin ada bagi kad birthday untuk sarah. Tapi, kad tu sebenarnye ckp birthday kat Taemin, tapi dia tau sarah minat gilagila  dngn Taemin ni, sbb tu dia kasi kat sarah. Mcm sarah ni Taemin pulak. Haha :) By the way, Nurin thank you. I appreciate it. Taemin also love it. hehe.
Taemin, always know this. We all love you. We, your fans, love you very much. Don't you ever forget about that. We're here will always support what you do. Me too. I'll never forget you. I don't want to promise, but I hope, I don't forget you. There's one thing that i want to say, I want to meet you in person. I hope that. Dreams always come true right? Like what you said, "A person who dreams for a longtime become similar to his/her dreams". Since you say that, i've started believe in those words. Okay, take care of your health Taemin, and even though you love to dance, don't dance too much. You've got skinnier, you know? Haha. joke :p But it's true right? But i think it's the same. So, Taemin. Happy Birthday :) Saengil Chukka Hamnida ^ ^