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I don't know why -_- ON 28 January, 2012 AT Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hello guys. I don't know why I'm being like this. Seriously, why with me ? Badmood ? I think it's not. Ahh, why with me ? I don't like being like this. I'm feeling lonely. Alone. Yes, I'm alone. There's no one here can makes me feels better. No one. Except, her and him. I'm feeling guilty for him. Why did I do that to him ? What theeee -_- I know that he doesn't know me exist in this world at all but, I'm feeling so guilty. Taeminie, I love you soooo muchhh :* I will not forget you anymore. I will not leave you behind anymore. I will not did that to you anymore. Taemin-ahh, I love youuuuuuuuuuu :) You're the first one that had stolen my heart and I will not forget about you. I feel proud of you. Your voice. Immortal Song. Woahhh, I'm so proud of you, Lee Taemin. Although, you're lose, but you're always the first one in my heart. Always.

Taeminie, I love youuuuu :*

I don't know why when I'm watching videos about you guys, Shinee, Infinite and UKiss, I'm feeling like crying. I miss you guys so much. I'm rarely online now so, maybe that's the reason why I'm feeling crying when watching videos about you guys. Ahhh, I miss you guys so much. And I'm sorry for not updating my fanfic. Ahh, I'm so lazy right now. And lately, I need to do things about school. So, I will rarely online. Sorry about that. Wow, you know what ? This is my first time writing my blog in English. Haha. I know my English is not perfect so if it's not right, just let me know it. Kbaii, I'm feeling better right now. Oh, before I'm forget, Kevinnie, I love you toooo :* Kevin, I miss youuuuuu. I love youuuu :)

Kevinie, I love youuuuu :*