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YAHHHHH ! ON 01 March, 2012 AT Thursday, March 01, 2012
Woahhh ! I miss my blog so much ! How long did I leave my blog ? Ohh. Sorry. Sorry for not updating. I'm busy with school right now. I don't want to waste my time on Internet like before anymore. I'm regret. Okay then. Sorry again. Woah. You know what ? It's happen again. Ahh, I hate being like this. Please. Don't do this to me. I want my old life back. Huhu. Please, help me. Just once. Don't come near to me PROBLEM. Okay, I don't want to talk about this now. Let's stop right here. STOP !

Yah ! My dreams comes true ! I'm so happy right now. She's really be close with me. Ahh. I thought it just my dream. Haha. You know who ? Hehe. She's my senior. I love her so much ! Woah, she's the prettiest girl that I've met. Haha. Her skin. Why is it so soft ? I envy her. Pfttt. Untunglah dia, lawa, cantik, comel. Tangan lembut, pipi gebu. Ahhh ! Okay, stop. Haha. You want to know her name ? Don't want ? Okay, then. Bye. Haha. Okay, joke. You have to know her name even if you don't want. Haha. Evil right ? Okay, her name is 'Ain Sajda. WOW ! What a pretty name. Untunglah ~

Baby, baby, I am missing you. Erk. Baby ? Haha. ANAAAAA ! I'm so sorry. Why did you not tell me your birthday ? I'm sorry for the late wish. Sorryyyyyyyyyyyy. Please don't get mad. I love you. Ana, take care. I do love you so much. Please be my 'madu' and my junior forever. Sorry late. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ANA ! SORRY ! SAENGIL CHUKHA HAMNIDA ! xD I miss SHINee. When did you want to make comeback ? Faster !! Haha xD

Okay, let's stop here right now. I'm so sleepy. Sorry for not updating my blog. And also my fanfic blog. So sorry. I'm so lazy right now. Okay then, bye. Take care you all(s) ! I LOVE YOUUUU !

Psttt, I miss Kevin. Taemin. Sungyeol. Huhu ;(