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[Preview] He Is Beside Me {nurin's fanfic} ON 24 July, 2013 AT Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The house was filled with people that day. I was curious on what happened in the house. My steps were getting slower and closer. My heart beats faster and faster. I felt so anxious. I looked into the house through the window. My eyes were caught by a man who has a pair of big eyes, his height was about 173 centimeter. My brain stopped processing when I saw him. I said to myself that I know him. I was so excited when my brain started to process and finally I knew who he was. He was my bias that I adore all this time. He is a Korean Muslim guy named Do Kyungsoo. His Muslim name is Irfan Hanafi. He was an idol when he is 21. He is a celebrity in Korea who is under SooMan Entertainment, the biggest company in Korea. He was so famous at that time.

The people in the house was his fans including me. But I knew that I won't have a chance to see and be a friend of him. All the things were so impossible. I waited outside his house until the people eventually left his house. Actually, my house is just a block away from his house. But why did I not notice him all this while ? Suddenly, I saw him walking to his backyard to do something. He entered the garage silently. I called out his name for about three times but he did not answer me at all. I thought that my voice was so husky that day. I approached him but he did not see me. I looked through the window of the garage and I saw a person on a bed in unconscious condition. That person was a woman.

I saw Kyungsoo sat beside her with teary eyes. I became more curious when I saw him crying over her. I tried to enter the garage without his knowing . I wanted to know who is that woman. My heart was full of jealousy. When I entered the garage successfully, I was so shocked when I saw the garage was designed with floral theme in pastel color which is my favourite theme and color. The garage was fulled with luxury equipment such as air-conditioner, sofa, a nice Queen bed, and such. The garage really looked like a house. I walked silently so that Kyungsoo did not know my existance. I approached Kyungsoo nearer and I can see the woman's face. I know her very well. I asked myself, is that me ? The woman had almost same figure as me. Then, Kyungsoo called her name, Sejung. That time I was very sure that the woman who was lying on the bed was me.

Suddenly, I had a vision. The vision told me from how did I know Kyungsoo until why I was lying on the bed in the unconscious condition. I had an accident when I was playing a game with Kyungsoo. That is why Kyungsoo felt very guilty on this things. He take care of me when I was in coma. I can see he was suffering from his eyes. Waiting for me to wake up for 3 years. I realized that I had burden him so much. I must wake up to make him happy again. I approached my body and then I can feel his love towards me. Yes, I must wake up. This time I must make a decision that can changed my life forever, either to live or die. Eventhough I had to face the pain when I wake up, I did not care about that anymore. I should fought the pain.

Kyungsoo slowly left me and my body alone. He went to a desk which is beside the bed. I tried to get into my body back. Finally, I got my body back. I took a long deep breath to open my eyes. Ouch, it was very hurt. I called out his name. He was very shocked and ran from the desk to my bed and hug me. He cried and said that he was waiting for me to wake up for 3 years. I hugged him with teary eyes. I told him that I love him very much. Then, he quickly brought me to the hospital. The doctor said that it was a miracle for me to live.Yes, this is the present from Allah. I looked at my finger. I can see a beautiful ring around my fourth finger. Oh, I forgot that we had been married 3 years ago.

Now, it is almost 5 years since the tragedy happen. Kyungsoo and I are live happily together. I am pregnant for 8 months. He is the most happy person when he knows that he will become a father. He is busy decorating a room for our first baby. I still cannot believe that Kyungsoo is mine now. He is my husband hereafter. I am just a lucky fan of him. Marrying him is the sweetest moment in my life. Although he is not tall enough, I still can accept him because he is my meant from Allah. Allah gives us a test 5 years ago so that we cab be a patience person in whatever condition.

Thanks for read [!] This is Nurin's storyline. Not mine. Dia kata maybe cerita ni ada sambungan, so stay tuned. Haha. Kalau best, nanti aku bagitau Nurin. Kalau tak best, korang bagitau aku je. Haha. Thanks again :3 

minta maaf diatas kesalahan grammar mahupun ayat yang tidak mantoppp. kami budak baru belajar, jadi silalah tolong kami. haha.