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late wishes ON 30 November, 2013 AT Saturday, November 30, 2013
Happy birthday Channi happy b day channy
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Park Chanyeol, Happy Belated Birthday :-) 

Sorry for the late wishes. Im busy okay lol. Im busy with twitter, ask.fm, fanfic and many more but not homework lol i didnt have the courage to touch my books yet lol. By the way, happy belated birthday park chanyeol. Stay healthy and take care of my baekhyun okay hahaha make sure he baths everyday and eats properly lmao hm i dont know since when i'd fell in love with you chanyeol, oh giant husband ㅋ ㅋㅋ take a good care of exo members okay? please make them smile and laugh everyday :-) you're the vitamin right? so of course you have to make them smile everyday heeee. When you're sad, try to read your fans' letters. Im sure you'll be relieved and grateful after you read your fans' letters. You'll also can smile again if you're in bad mood. Your fans are your spirit right? your vitamin, so appreciate them as them be :-) and im here will be always cheer for you, support you through the internet ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ and also through the album i bought online heww. Love you park chanyeol xoxo :3


Happy Belated Birthday Kevin Woo :-)

Omg kevin i miss you so much ugh love you so much happy belated birthday darl ;__; i miss you seriously. I dont know why i leave you. No i never leave you. Im just hm leave you for a months? omg i feel sorry to you ;__; sorry kevin but you have to always remember that i love you always yes always. For your information, i'll scream whenever i see your face on the television hahaha and then i'll stare and observe what ever you do lol then my eyes will started becomes teary yeah i miss you, thats why im tearing hm okay what ever you do, i'll support you always. Take care and stay healthy!! Good luck on everything you do :-) Kevin woo, i love you xoxo.



EXO winter/christmas/special comeback? Oh no just noooooooooo omg why now ugh -.- btw congrats EXO. Keep selling your album and im gonna broke soon ha ha ha i hate you exo eh no i hate you sm -.-