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#HappyKyungsooDay #HappyKaiSooDay #HappyJonginDay Salam Maulidur Rasul ON 14 January, 2014 AT Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Okay. First of all, #HappyKyungsooDay #EXODyoDay #ActorKyungsooDay yeay! Do Kyungsoo, Happy Birthday and sorry for the late wishes. I was just wondering whether I should post this on your day or Kaisoo day or Jongin day lol. And so, here i am posting all this wishes in one post in one day haa.

second edit omg the one before is wrong happy bday kyungsoo bby <3

Kyungsoo-ah. Happy birthday and stay healthy. Take care of yourself and the others. I know you've been through so much difficulties since your debut as an artist oh no you've been through so much whether in your pre-debut days right? Ah. It was all memories. I hope you can go on and go straight on your future dream even though you've gone through thick and thin with your members. Your sasaengs problems, your private problems, I feel sorry for that. Because of the sasaengs, your personality changed. I know that. I can feel that. You're a different person now. I miss the old Do Kyungsoo. He always smiles, laughs, and joking around easily with his members. But now, it was rare to find the old him that smiles easily everywhere. I don't know but I found a picture of 'do-kyungsoo-is-smile' was all fake. Are you smiling for real or what? Omg. I hope you've showed the real side of you on EXO's Showtime. It was the only hope for me. Thinking of miss the old Do Kyungsoo, I miss MAMA Era too. Oh. I swear this fandom was all in peace and harmony without problems and sasaengs back then in MAMA Era. I miss the old days. Can't we turn back the time? I miss all the mischievous kids back then lol. Okay. Do Kyungsoo, I hope you can eat well, rest well and always smile okay? Make your day happy! I love you.

Happy Birthday !

Jongin-ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ happy birthday to you!! I don't know why but I think I've been thinking of you these days hahaha. I've fell in love with you, Kim Jongin. Okay, that was funny! So, Kim Jongin, I hope you can eat well and rest well too okay? Please take care of yourself and Do Kyungsoo haha. You've been through so much difficulties too and because of your hardwork, your hardship, you've become a famous and well-known artist now. Even though the amount of your antis or haters keep going high now, but don't worry because the amount of your fans keep going high now too! Kim Jongin, I hope you can take care of yourself well and don't be such a stubborn kid pls. It was hurt okay to see you dances and sings with your back was patch with painkillers. I hate to see that. Please. If you're injured, pls don't dance or do anything that can make your injured part worst. You need to be healthy to further your dreams, your life. I know you're a great dancer. Yes, I acknowledge that. But please take care of yourself. Once again, happy birthday and smile always okay? Don't be so stubborn.

Salam Maulidur Rasul. It is Rasulullah's birthday today. Yeayy!! My birthday is on Tuesday too hahaha. I feel so happy today. Rasulullah was the greatest man in world! I love his kindness, his smartness, his attitude and everything. Everything about him was all great. He was perfect, our beloved prophet Muhammad :) He loves us, muslims. Thank you for loving me and I'll increase my loves to you even for hundred years in the future. 

[ I don't know what to say anymore to those who doesn't loves our Prophet Muhammad ]